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These Facts could be why Your Sales & Profit Online suffer!

  • User Experience
    – 97% of websites failed.
  • Design Related
    – 94% of the websites with negative feedbacks were design-related.
  • Mobile Site
    – 57% of online users will not recommend a business with a poorly designed website on mobile.
  • Slow Loading Site
    – 39% of people will leave a website that does not load in 3 seconds.

6 most common PROBLEMS website owners will not tell you about their website design

p/s – My confession as a web developer for 15 years and a look into the hidden side of website design and this could be happening to your website right now!

1. Slow Loading Website!

” Goosh, why is my site loading so slowly?

Visitors skipped over my website, and I am losing customers and sales.”

Marissa Guline – Beauty Consultant

  • Page speed is important to rank in Google.
  • A page taking 5 seconds to fully load increases someone leaving your site by 90%.
  • 8 out of 10 people will not return to a “slow” site.
  • A 1-second delay in web page speed can decrease conversions by as much as 7%.

We specialize in WordPress site speed optimization

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GT Metrix A

2. Low Targeted Visitors!

  • Do you know that having more traffic is not more sales?
  • Imagine selling dog food to a cat lover – you get zero sales.
  • Having the right visitors who want your products and services, is.
  • Getting your products or services in front of the right people at the right time is the perfect formula for online success.
  • Having no visitors mean zero conversion and sales.  Website redesign services help to attract traffic to your site.

Get Your Message In front Of targeted Visitors Who buy From You And Stay With You.

” I already paid a high fee to a premium designer in town, to create a fantastic website for me.

However, the number of visitors to the site is extremely low! And these visitors don’t buy.

I feel so frustrated now.”

Danny Leo – Boutique Extra Owner

3. Content Outdated!

  • Do you know that better content gives you more traffic?
  • Having the content regularly updated on your website helps build trust in your customers towards you.
  • Updated information helps build you as an authority in your market.
  • Your site might be outdated and hard to edit and update. 
  • That is why you need website redesign services to update your cms system.

Learn To Use Content Management System in Just 1 Hour of Online Training.

“I do not have much knowledge about the website and what more to update and maintain the contents.  Everything is so technical and I just can’t get it to work.

I need real help.”

Matthew Tan – Retail Marketer

4. Branding On Website Not Working!

  • Do you know that the key to branding is clarity?
  • When a visitor approaches you, is he clear on your offer?
  • What problem are you helping him solve, and has it help him improve?
  • Are you focus on selling a service/product or building a relationship with your buyer?
  • Storytelling is a great way to bring your brand message out with clarity. 

Use Storytelling As The Best Way To Build Your Online Brand.

“I have tried many ways to promote my BRAND online, like using social media marketing, content writing and paid to advertise, but nothing is working.”

Mariah Nurul – Health Product Adviser

5. Ecommerce Site Not Profitable!

  • If you’re doing everything right to encourage and drive traffic to your e-commerce website, you aren’t seeing the results you want, you may need help.
  • If you look at your metrics, you’ll probably notice that visitors leave your website before completing the checkout process.
  • You need to optimize your landing page with our website redesign services.

Use 12 Selling Features To Boost Your Ecommerce Website Without Losing Sales.

“I have invested too much time and resources into my eCommerce shop, but it is just not getting enough sales to be profitable.”

See Tan Hong – Computer Analyst

6. Visitors Bounce Rate Is Too High!

  • A high bounce rate suggests a site that isn’t well-designed and low-quality content.
  • Your site contents have to be relevant, relatable, and up to date to get users to engage online. 
  • Do you know that content is king?

Use Quality Content Writing To Attract Visitors That Engage & Interact With Your Website.

“My site is not ranking well on the search engine.

The Bounce Rate is terrible as most of my visitors left immediately after landing on my page.”

Peter Raj – Freelance Designer

28 MISTAKES that can cost you Money & Time that no web developer wants to tell you about your website design.

1. Bad Visual

Imagery is content. You are using stock photos and poor-quality ones that reflect poorly on your brand and professionalism.

2. Fonts

You are using the wrong font on your website. Font type, size, color, line height, body height, and paragraph height will affect the readability of your content.

3. Color Scheme

You are using the wrong color scheme that conflicted with your brand and user experience.

4. Visual Impairment

You site is not optimized for people with visual inability like colorblind, glaucoma, cataract and low vision.

5. Scripts & Codes

Your website scripts and codes are not updated regularly, which opens to hackers and malicious attacks.

6. Bad Coding

Bad coding affects the page performance and SEO ranking of the website. Always source from reliable suppliers. Check their reputations and what others are saying about them.

7. Bad hosting Server

You are using hosting that jeopardizes your website performance and speed.

8. Not Using Content Delivery Network

You are not using this platform of servers that helps to reduce the physical distance between the server and the user, so minimizing the time it takes to load web page content.

9. Not Fully Responsive

Your website is not properly displayed on all major devices like desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile.

10. Not Mobile Friendly

Your website is not mobile-friendly which is affecting your site from being ranked by Google.

11. Not Using Secure Server

Your website is not hosted on a secure server (SSL) which guarantees secure online transactions and a trust factor for visitors to engage with you.

12. Site Blacklisted

Your website has been blacklisted by Google. Google checks the pages that it indexes for malicious scripts or downloads, content violations, policy violations, and many other quality and legal issues that can affect users.

13. Site Flagged As Dangerous

Your website has been flagged as dangerous by Google due to the presence of malicious code.

14. Site Infected By Malware and Virus

Your website has been infected by malware and viruses.

15. Domain Name

You used a domain name that serves no purpose to your brand and search engine optimization.

16. Landing Page

Having too many fancy animations, videos and complex design affects performance.

17. Widgets & Plugins

If you are using WordPress, having too many widgets and plugins on your site will affect its performance, especially if they are poorly written and coded.

18. Images Not Optimized

When you upload large images to your website, it takes longer for them to load. You can reduce their size, format type (lossy), and quality before uploading them.

19. Poor Design

Your website is poorly designed and not users friendly. The page is crowded with everything else, confusing navigation, and broken links.

20. Distractions

Your website is cluttered with distractions and unfocused. There is no clear directions to lead your visitors to the desired outcome.

21. Wrong Focus

You are focusing on yourself. Look at your content and messages. Are you addressing your visitors’ pain and solutions or are you just highlighting your products and services?

22. Bad Content

Your contents are outdated, which do not resonate with your visitors and lack the benefit factor that helps solve your visitors’ problem.

23. Site Backup

One of the worst tragedies that can ever happen to you is when your website is corrupted or hacked and you do not have the latest backup.

24. Heavy Usage On CSS & Javascript

CSS and JavaScript files, which add functionality and styling to your site’s front end, are the most typical causes of sluggishness.

25. Uptime & Downtime

Your website’s uptime is the most significant performance indicator. If it’s down, visitors won’t be able to access it. If you’re an eCommerce owner, a content publisher, or a SaaS supplier, this implies you’ll lose money.

26. No Website Analytics

You don’t have analytics to research your website traffic.

27. Not Search Engine Optimized

Your Website Is Not Optimized For Search Engine (SEO). Search Engine can’t find you.

28. Taking No Action

Your site don’t have clear steps to call your customer to take action!

You may be wondering if your website falls into any of these error traps. Why wonder?

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Easy To Manage

You will have a website that is easy to manage and update. Even without knowledge of coding, you can easily change the images and content of your website.

Professional Design

With our website redesign services, you will have a well-designed website, that will attract your visitors to engage and stay longer on your site. You want to make sure to convert as many visitors into customers.

Sales Funnel

You will have a website that works as a sales funnel. When your visitors land at your site, the sales system will lead them down the funnel and get them to sign up for your service or purchase your product or simply give you new leads.

Increased Traffic

You will have 2x or 3x increased traffic. A well-designed and optimized site, will attract visitors and search engines, with the implementation of social media paid ads and onsite SEO.

Reduced Marketing Cost

Your cost for marketing will be effectively used to acquire targeted visitors who are searching for your products and services.

Latest Technology

With our website redesign services, your site will be designed with the latest coding that supports most of the popular web browser features. It will perform optimally with the newer browser versions.

Reduced Hacking

Your chances of getting hacked and having security issues with your site will be reduced to the very minimal. You get to top priority in security with our website redesign services.

Fast Loading Site

Your site will load quickly (at 2 to 3 seconds) which is the requirement of Google for search engine optimization and to satisfy visitors who hate to wait.

Keeping Tag On Your Visitors

You will be able to monitor the visitors to your site with Google analytics. You get to know who, when, and where in regards to your visitors.

Sell Product Effectively

An effective e-commerce system that is easy to use and produces results. With the implementation of the 12 selling features, it will be an explosion.

Branding Made Right

The branding strategy employ on your site will make you stand out from the crowd. Conveying the correct message with such clarity that visitors know exactly what is your offers.

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Me Standing In My Office

“Through the years – 15 to be exact, as a web redesigner,  I  have seen so many websites that just exist online, not doing what it is supposed to do, that is to attract visitors and convert them to paying customers.

Here, with our website redesign services, every website is reviewed, realigned to its purpose of turning visitors into paying customers and speaking to their needs, giving clear actionable step by step solutions.”

Richerd Ho – Web Redesigner

Our Happy Clients


“Website project was redesigned to my total satisfaction.

Richerd is focused and knows exactly how to deliver results”.

Dominic my client

Dominic Robinson

Star Review

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Richerd did a good job reviewing my landing page and engaged Facebook paid traffic to do the job”.

rolland min

Mark Sime
Travel Agency Exec

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Richerd is the man to go for to make your site better“.

Mark Munday my client

Mark Munday

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Xwen Gmetrix D
# Website Speed Performance improved from D 2.9s to A 1.2s
Xwen Testimony

Xwen Goh

Star Review
Agacare Medical GTMetrix reading F

# Website Speed Performance improved from F 13.6s to A 1.7s

Agacare Medical GTMetrix reading AF

“Thank you, Richerd for the help of getting my site from Grade F to Grade A, which is loading from 13.6s to 1.7s”.


Jeffrey Lung
AgaCare Medical

Star Review
Valerio GTmetrix B
# Website Speed Performance improved from B 1.7s to A 1s
Valerio GTmetrix A

I reached out to Richerd to speed up our website, and he improved our Pagespeed score like crazy within a single day. He also gave a lot of post-project recommendations, which were very helpful, thorough, and awesome, including a detailed report of next action steps. If your site can be faster, then Richerd’s the man for the job.

Valerios Face

Valerio Puggioni
Copy Collective – copy writer

Star Review
Star Review
Star Review

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