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WordPress Speed Optimization Service

WordPress Speed Optimization Service:

Your business will lose money if your website takes too slow to load. The truth is that website visitors are impatient and want to get information or purchase a product as soon as possible, or else they will go. 

The amount of time it takes for a website to load is so critical that even a one-second delay can reduce conversion rates by 7%. Slow speed, on the other hand, has a negative impact on visitor retention.

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“Google already uses some aspects of user experience to assist in ranking websites, namely mobile-friendliness, safe-browsing, HTTPS security and intrusive interstitial guidelines. 

With the June 2021 update, Google is introducing three new metrics by which the page experience for websites will be assessed. 

These metrics, called core web vitals, are based on data aggregated by the Chrome User Experience Report, which means that real user experiences govern these metrics. All the new metrics can be found on a core web vitals report for your website.”

Article courtesy of Forbes

What is Google web vital?

The ability to provide a high-quality user experience is critical to any website’s long-term success. Whether you’re a business owner, marketer, or developer, Web Vitals can help you measure the experience of your site and identify areas for improvement.

Web Vitals is a Google initiative that intends to create clear criteria for quality signals that are vital to delivering a great web experience.

Core Web Vitals

Core Web Vitals, should be measured against all websites, by all website owners and appear in all Google tools. Each of the Core Web Vitals speaks of a distinct part of the user experience, is field measurable, and reflects real-world experience with a critical user-centric consequence.

Core Web Vitals metrics will change with time. The current set of goals for 2021 concentrates on three (3) components of the user experience: loading, interactivity, and visual stability.


First Input Delay (FID): 
– measures interactivity.

For a good user experience, FID of 100 milliseconds or less, should be achieved on the page.


Largest Contentful Paint (LCP):
– measures loading performance.

For a good user experience, LCP should happen within 2.5 seconds of when the page first starts loading.


Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS):
-measures visual stability.

For a good user experience, a CLS of 0.1. or less, should be achieved on the page.

Tools to measure and report Core Web Vitals

Google speaks that the Core Web Vitals are critical to all web experiences. Use these tools below to measure your stats.

  1. Gtmetrix –
  2. PageSpeed Insights –

What is a WordPress speed optimization service?

What is Page Speed?
The length of time it takes for web pages or media material to be downloaded from website hosting servers and shown on the requesting web browser is referred to as page speed.

What is Page Load Time?
The time it takes a browser to show the whole content of a web page after clicking on it is referred to as page load time.

Why Google web vital is a necessary measure stick for your website?
With Google’s June update approaching, the page speed of your website is more critical than ever. To date, most business owners have paid little attention to their website speed, but if your site does not meet the standard by August 2021, your Google ranking could suffer dramatically.

Google is continually working to improve its user experience, and as a result, it will heavily favour websites and businesses that meet Google’s loading time guidelines.

Why do you need your website to be fast?

Google says so. If you need to rank on the Google search engine, speed is one criterion you should not mess up.

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What affects your website speed?

  • Bad hosting
  • Not using cache on your site
  • Badly coded plugins and bloated design theme.
  • Having too many plugins on your site.
  • Using old version of php on your hosting.
  • Not connecting to CDN services
  • Not optimizing images for website.
  • Bad page design.
  • Having hosting site that is not near your visitors.
  • Database that is not optimized.

How do you speed up your website?

The basic steps: –

  1. Get quality hosting. Avoid free hosting and shared hosting. Go for dedicated or managed hosting for WordPress.
  2. Optimize your image. Use JPGs or WEBPs format. Save valuable bytes by proper sizing and match the dimensions (width) of your web page. Apply lossy image compression. Make images responsive – set a fixed width and auto-height instructions on your WordPress site. Use fewer images on your site.
  3. Optimize CSS code and delivery.
  4. Minify JavaScript, CSS and Html. This is unnecessary if your site runs of h2 or h3 protocol.
  5. Use fewer plugins – the less the better. Do away with plugins that serve a duplicated function.
  6. Limit or disable WordPress revisions.
    • Write this code snippet in the wp-config.php file to get around this issue:
    • Disable Revisions:
    • define(‘WP_POST_REVISIONS’, false );
    • Limit Revisions:
    • define(‘WP_POST_REVISIONS’, 10 ); // limited to 10 revisions
  7. Optimize databases – convert your MyISAM MySQL database tables to InnoDB.
  8. Use cache. Some of the plugins available are W3 Total Cache, Cache Enabler and WP Rocket.
  9. Use Content Delivery Networks (CDN).
  10. Implement and optimize your site for HTTP/2 (e.g. Server Push).
  11. Use Cloudflare.
  12. Use Php 7 and above as WordPress is faster on php7.
  13. Convert your site to its secure, HTTPS version.
  14. Avoid landing page redirects.
  15. Enable compression.
  16. Reduce server response time.
  17. Reduce page requests.
  18. Site migration.
  19. Get our WordPress speed optimization service

All our WordPress speed optimization service are customized as every site is built differently.  We look at your site, the way it operates and how it loads then we tweak it to ensure your website is as speed optimized as possible. Because every website is completely different in its usage and construction, we use various methods to achieve your optimization guarantee.

Before we start working, we build a backup of the site and perform all changes on a staging site to ensure that everything is safe and that the optimization doesn’t affect your website until it’s finished.

We’ll achieve the optimization without changing any designs, and sure, we can get your website to a guaranteed score without it.

If there are any major stumbling blocks limiting performance, such as website theme, plugins, or site design, we will notify you in advance, and if you are not satisfied with the compromise, we will offer a refund. We will inform you of any concerns we discover prior to the start of the project.

We provide a summary of the job completed along with any necessary instructions, making things extremely simple for you.

Every site is different in terms of how it is optimized, therefore we provide a summary of the work we’ve done, along with any instructions that may be required.

Yes, we will provide a snapshot of before and after optimization comparison.

Over time, every site will encounter speed performance fluctuations. User registration, updating of contents, products, photos, and texts, upgrading, and installing plugins and themes, WordPress version, hosting server performance, domain dns upload performance, and so on are all factors that effect this.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
Our WordPress speed optimization service, takes customer satisfaction to another level. As a token of appreciation for using our service, we will return you the entire sum (100%), if our speed optimization work on your site does not meet the package’s minimum requirements.

Our Happy Clients:

Gtmextrix reading D

# Website Speed Performance improved from D 2.9s to A 1.2s

Xiao Wen Testimony
Xwen Goh

# Website Speed Performance improved from F 13.6s to A 1.7s


“Thank you, Richerd for the help of getting my site from Grade F to Grade A, which is loading from 13.6s to 1.7s”.


Jeffrey Lung


# Website Speed Performance improved from E 5.8s to A 2.7s


“Totally impressed with the outcome of the page speed optimization. 

Richerd is the man to go for to make your site better“.


Mark Munday

WordPress website speed optimization packages:

One Time Optimization

We will optimize your site one time
USD 150 onwards ++
Each site is unique. We need to check your site before a quote can be given.
  • Optimize Images.
  • Check on hosting server response time.
  • Optimize CSS code and delivery.
  • Optimize usage of plugins.
  • Minify Javascript, CSS and HTML.
  • Defer and delay Javascript execution.
  • Limit WordPress revisions.
  • Optimize Database.
  • WPRocket plugin - 1 Year Licence.
  • Optional - Connect to CDN.
  • Implement HTTP/2 protocol.
  • Intergrate to Cloudflare service.
  • Upgrade php version.
  • Update of plugins and theme.
  • Backup of website.
  • Enable compression.
  • Optional - Site migration.
  • Generate report on optimization.
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Optimization Monitoring

We will continue to monitor your site speed for 1 year
Coming Soon
  • We will keep you notifed.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
Our WordPress speed optimization service, takes customer satisfaction to another level. As a token of appreciation for using our service, we will return you the entire sum (100%), if our speed optimization work on your site does not meet the package’s minimum requirements.